about imbovane

Our Story

Imbovane Business and Strategy is a newly established consultancy for business and industry founded in December 2020 by Leo Barnes. The objective of the business is to assist new or existing business and industry develop sound business strategy.

Following months of strenuous economic and social lockdown in South Africa, many companies, industries and individuals were affected financially and socially. An assortment of businesses has either, closed down or scaled down, leaving scores of individuals unemployed. A number of these individuals have therefore decided to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs.

Imbovane Business and Strategy offers a backdrop of services and experience to assist aspiring entrepreneurs with business formulation, business planning and coaching.

Our aim therefore is to:  


  • Assist individuals develop business strategy for a new business;
  • Assist existing small medium and micro enterprises determine new business trajectory; and
  • Assist existing small medium and micro enterprises establish a paradigm change.

Our Mission

To assist small medium and micro business and industry with customized strategic management solutions.

Our Vision

To become the finest and most valuable business strategist for small medium micro business and industry in the enterprise environment.

Our Values

Recognition: fairness, objectivity, respect, equity
Integrity: accountability, honesty, trust, loyalty, consistency
Co-operation: unity, strength, partnerships
Empathy: patience, tolerance
Responsiveness: professionalism, diplomacy, courtesy
Commitment: diligence, determination, sacrifice